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Three Questions for: Reinhold Ewald

In 1997 you were also sitting in a Soyuz capsule ready to be propelled into space. Can you show us how Luca Parmitano felt just a few minutes ago before launch? re1
What did astronaut food taste like on Mir? re2
How would you feel if you were told that you are going back to space? re3

Thanks to Reinhold Ewald for this photo interview at the European Astronaut Center, five minutes after Luca Parmitano was launched to ISS on 28/05/13.

Space Debris – Immediate Action Required


In our everyday lives we take many things for granted. We use car navigation systems, we check the weather forecast, we watch TV without being aware that we are using devices that are located in space.
How would we feel if in the all these amenities would become less reliable or even worse – completely disappear?
The bad news is: This is not a hypothetical scenario. It is certain. The good news is: We can still do something about it if we act now. Continue reading